Hockey Drill Demonstration


2 players stand on the 23m line with a defender. The defender is only allowed to defend outside the 23m area. One player on the half way line starts with the ball. One of the attacking players on the 23m line runs to the back line and the other runs diagonally away from the defender and towards the player with the ball. If the defender runs with the player without the ball, the player with the ball can try to pass the ball through the created space to the player on the back line. However, if the defender stays in the space the player with the ball can pass the ball to the player running diagonally for that player to pass the ball to the back line (dog leg). Once the player receives the ball on the back line, the game switches around and the defender can now only defend inside the 23m area.
Important to make the area at least 10 - 15m wide otherwise the defender can cover both options too easily.

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