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Defending Skills Drills

A hockey defender's main role is to stop the attack, regain possession of the ball and pass the ball to a fellow player to begin an attack from the ba...

Practices For Juniors

These junior hockey drills and videos are aimed at teaching younger or novice players the basics of the game and get them used to using the stick to c...


Open Side Block Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Open side Block Tackle Defending Skills Strong low body position and balanced ready to move. Left foot forward, right foot back, stick on the ...

Block Tackle - Reverse

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Block Tackle - reverse Video Techniques - Using a reverse stick block challenge to gain possession of the ball.

Block Tackle Forehand

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Block Tackle forehand Video Techniques - Performing a block stick challenge in an 1 v 1 situation.

Basic Block

category: Extras

Hockey Basic block Extras From the ready position; the keeper brings the legs together driving the heals together keeping the toes pointed slightly o...

Full Leg Block

category: Extras

Hockey Full leg block Extras From the ready position; the keeper lifts a leg and takes a wide step before driving the opposite knee towards the groun...

Block Tackle - Reverse

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Block Tackle - reverse Defending Skills - Using a reverse stick block challenge to gain possession of the ball.

Rebound Block

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Rebound Block Rebound Blocks In the video it shows that you can stack the rebound blocks ( when filled with water) and are very useful for set...

Pass, Turn And Pass.

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Pass, turn and pass. Rebound Blocks Players have a block, ball and 1 cone each. Players start between the cone and the rebound block with the ...

Web Videos


Passing Accuracy

Reduce turnovers and make misplaced passes a thing of the past! Use this plan to teach players to pass with power and accuracy off both feet

Bite Size Fitness 9

Don't miss this final 30 minute fitness session - Coach it as a whole or use it as a way to bring new ideas to your pre-match routines

Bite size fitness 8

Full pitch sprints and acceleration drills feature in this mini hockey-fitness session. Use this plan to add a fitness element to your training


Community Drills

3 vs 1 possession

3 players outside a box, 1 player insideplayers outside the box try to pass to each other across the box without it being interceptedswap player in mi...

Core 1:

Tackling boxesBox 1: Double hand block tackle

Area Points for flicks

(White box is outline of goal)- goal set up by tape separating the sections aim to get as many points with 10 balls as you can blue. = 3 poi...