Drill Categories


Backward Hit

category: Rules

When the ball is hit behind the line the batter is allowed to run to the 1st post but is not allowed to continue to 2nd until the ball has crossed the...

Hit The Ball Through An Area

category: Batting

In this game the batter tries to score as many rounders as they can by hitting the ball through the area so it either flies over or rolls through the ...

Hit And Run

category: Conditioned-games

Set up in 2's with 1 bat and ball.Player B must stand opposite to player A, so that they can see the end of the bat when the batters arm is fully outs...

Hoop Hit Warm Up

category: Batting

Mark out a 12m track with cones.Players work in 3's with 1 hoop. Each player stands 2m apart.Player A hits the soft ball with their hand through the h...

Batting Technique

category: Batting

Players work in fours with one batter, one bowler and two fielders. The basic structure of this drill is that the ball is bowled to the batter who has...

The Hit

category: Rules

This video shows a player hitting a good ball.

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