Cricket Drill Demonstration


  • Cones are set out as a gate, in the point fielding position and extra cover fielding position.
  • Players split into 2 groups in each of the gates.
  • Coach will position themselves at the strikers end stump with a bat. 
  • Coach will serve himself and strike a ball towards the point or extra cover gate. 
  • Receiving player will catch or gather the ball, return it to the coach and join the back of the queue.
  • This drill can be played as a competition, coach vs players. For every clean catch or gather, the players receive a point and for every misfield, the coach will receive a point.

Coaching points

  • Players should be walking into the gate and then set themselves ready for a catch when they see the coach about to hit the ball.

Drill tags: catching, catch, fielding, inner circle, inner ring, reactions

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