Two Balls - One Keeper

category: Wicket-keeping

Cricket Two Balls - One Keeper Wicket - keeping Set up the practice as shown. Two balls per group. Two fielders each have a ball and they take it in ...

Diving Practice

category: Wicket-keeping

Cricket Diving Practice Wicket - keeping Divide the main group into smaller groups of 4 and set up as shown. The ball is thrown to the wicket keepers...

Wicket Keeper - Leg Side Take

category: Wicket-keeping

Cricket Wicket keeper - leg side take Wicket - keeping The ball is thrown wide of the leg stump so the wicket keeper has to move to the left to compl...

Standing Up - Leg Side Take

category: Wicket-keeping

Cricket Standing Up - Leg Side Take Wicket - keeping Divide the group into pairs. Player A throws ball wide of the leg stump so the wicketkeeper has ...

Web Videos


Working Your Wicket Keeper

The wicket keeper is always in the game - make sure they're up to the test with this keeping skills session!


Community Drills

Wicket Keeping Fitness and Catching

Basic fitness and catching drill for wicket keepersPlayer starts at front and skips around the cones still facing the trainer in a low position. Once ...

Fun Fielding/Wicket-Keeping game

Split the teams into groups of three of four. Each team has two cones forming a wide goal (5m or so) that they need to defend.The aim of the game is t...

Warm Up

Players will begin warm up, by doing some footwork drills, we do this because they getting there feet moving in different directions quickly which is ...