Ball Retrieve Fitness

category: Running-between-the-wickets

Cricket Ball Retrieve Fitness Running between the wickets Player 1 starts on the middle cone, and aims to collect all 4 balls in as quickly as possib...

Running Between Wickets Relay

category: Running-between-the-wickets

In teams; have a relay race over a short distance, such as 5 metres. Each player must have a cricket bat. Emphasis on getting low and changing th...

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Community Drills

Blues Agility Fitness Fielding

Agility over 10-20 metres between poles. From black cone, sprint towards coach - field it and throw back to mitt. Continue around pole (blue) and run ...

Ladders and reaction catches

FitnessInterval runs/shuttle runs:20m - Jog, Sprint x 2, Jog, Sprint x1, walkHill runsUphill - Short quick strides x 10Downhill - Long stretching stri...

Wicket Keeping Fitness and Catching

Basic fitness and catching drill for wicket keepersPlayer starts at front and skips around the cones still facing the trainer in a low position. Once ...