Cricket Drill Demonstration


  1. Player 1 starts on the middle cone, and aims to collect all 4 balls in as quickly as possible. Player must go out to retrieve the ball and back to the middle, before moving onto next cone.
  2. Once all the balls have been collected in, player then reverses the drill, putting all the balls back out onto the cones.
  3. Player 1 has now finished set 1, and returns to the back of the queue to recover. Player 2 begins and so on...

Players perform 3 sets each and then change over.

Coaching points

Fitness drill focusing on turning, staying low, and improving agility of player.

Split your group in two.

Half your players can work on this drill while the other half can replace the balls or be training on a seperate work station (lots of small groups to prevent haing players standing around waiting).


  • Extend distance of cones.
  • Players must put in a change of direction, rather than running straight across.
  • Make sure balls are placed down and not thrown/ dropped.

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