Pre Season 5: Throwing accuracy under pressure

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This session helps your players hit their target when throwing under pressure - whether that target is a team-mate over the stumps, or a direct hit to get a run-out.

Over the past few weeks you?ve been working players hard, making sure they?re ready to hit the ground running and this session is no different. In this session we get your fielders to attack the ball, throw accurately with power and to back each other up, so that they put that elements of doubt in the batters mind with every run they take!

How do your players perform under match-intensity pressure?

To incorporate a fitness element into this session the exercises in this session get your players to run hard - sprinting to pick up the ball before then throwing towards the target - promoting a good strong throwing base and encouraging players to take that extra second to ensure they are balanced to throw the ball accurately (less haste, more speed).

Don't give away easy runs with over-throws, ensure your players' throwing is up to scratch with this pick-up and throwing accuracy session.

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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