Cricket Drill Demonstration


A match intensity drill to help improve keepers all round skills and concentration.

Player ideally work in groups of 3.

  1. Feeder sets up 10 yards from batter.
  2. Feeding over-arm off one knee, the feeder aims to bounce the ball on a length.
  3. The batter looks to play the ball, intentionally missing it/ playing the inside line of the ball.
  4. Wicket keeper aims to take the ball cleanly and then returns the ball under arm to the feeder.

Coaching points

Batters must be experienced enough to be able to play and miss the ball well.

Coach may wish to do this to keep drill moving.


Players can use a cone to deflect the ball, replicating an edge, instead of a bat missing the ball completely to vary the drill.

Players can also try to stand left handed to replicate a left handed batter.

Drill tags: quick reactions, reactions, shadowing, wicket keeping

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