Working Your Wicket Keeper

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This week's session aims to help your players improve their wicket keeping basics - as we work on agility, footwork and reactions!

The wicket keeper is the busiest player on your fielding team and is the heartbeat of the side. For this reason it's essential that the keeper sets a high standard for everyone else, with positive body language and lots of energy!

What's in the session?

To help your keepers improve their overall technique and lay the foundations for future development, this session starts by looking at your player?s stance - ensuring they're relaxed, with knees bent and their weight slightly forward on the balls of their feet. After this we put the technique into practice, looking at keeping the ?K?, catching a ball missed by the batter and finishing with a fun dive catching exercise to make sure they?re springy and agile!

Have your keepers got what it takes? Find out with this week's session!

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