Cricket Drill Demonstration


11 fielders (including 1 bowler and wicket keeper), with 2 players batting and two padded up, waiting to bat.

The 2 batters have one over to chase the target score successfully.

If the players lose one wicket, they have 5 runs added to the required total. If they lose two wickets, they are both out.

Their first over target score is 6 runs, then if successful, this increases by 1 every over. (6, 7, 8 and so on...)

If players are unsuccessful in the run chase, they are out, and the next two batters come in.

Bowlers rotate ends they are bowling from and fielders should be encouraged to get between the overs quickly.

Coaching points

It is important when chasing a score that players still have a good technique to their shots. Things to focus on:

Keep your head still upon impact and maintain a Solid base to hit from. Weight into the ball not leaning back and not trying to hit the ball too hard

It's also important to simply watch the ball (this is simple but it doesn't always happen).

Tactically make sure players are backing up when running between the wickets, and putting fielders under pressure.

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