Batting: Getting your players to rotate the strike

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It's not all crash bang wallop! Cricket nowadays has the reputation that unless you can clear the ropes by 50 yards that you can't score quickly - this is not true. Rotating the strike and scoring singles is one of the best ways you can make sure you keep your scoring rate high.

To improve the understanding between your batters and to help them keep the scoreboard ticking over in this session, we look at how you can improve your players' ability to rotate the strike while also looking at different batting options to keep the opposition guessing!

What's in the session?

Following a fun catching singles warm up we then teach your players to experiment with their shots and learn how to take the low risk option so that out manoeuvre the opposition's field and find the gaps.

Batting isn't all about power, teach your players to use the pace of the ball to play a variety of shots to allow them to outfox the other team with this session.

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