Wicket keeping basics

This Sportplan session focuses on the wicket keeping basics.

The keeper is a player who needs exceptionally fast reflexes and carries many roles within the team:

  • They may catch or stump out a batsman.
  • They might hold a captaincy role due to their prime position on the pitch which allows them to see the whole game.
  • They encourage their fellow players and they might even indulge in a bit of friendly sledging.

However, of all these roles the most important is catching - did you know that more catches are taken by the wicket-keepers than by any other fielding position?

To help keep your keepers and the rest of your team sharp and alert we've created the wicket keeping basics session which you can use with your whole team, whether they're cricketing novices or cricket connoisseurs. Working in small groups your players will test their catching ability, dealing with fast balls in a safe and controlled environment.

Rather than throwing your players in at the deep end with full speed bowling we start using a simple group exercise that simulates the ball popping up from an edge before using a competitive catching drill to give your players the desire to meet the ball. As with all good trainings the session progressively increases in difficulty, looking at diving catches from your cherry picking keepers and finishing with a game to put their skills into practice.

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