Bullseye Throwing - Fielding Accuracy

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It's pretty easy to underestimate the importance of quality fielding, or more importantly, the effect of poor fielding; it's where the game could be won or lost!

This session gives the whole squad the ultimate work-out in fielding the ball and getting it back to the keeper or bowler. Start of with a comprehensive warm-up and move on to simple target practice to get the players eye in before progressing to more complex practices. The sessions main aim is to get your fielders fizzing the ball back in with unwavering accuracy but incorporates different fun games to get fielders working together to get the ball in effectively as possible as well as sharpening their awareness when in the field with backing-up practice etc.

Put the players new arms into practice with a fun yet effective game at the end, focussing on picking up the ball and throwing it back into the stumps in order to get the batsmen out. The element of competition to end will add a few extra clicks to your fielders arm, thats for sure!

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