Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Drill can work with a mininum of 3 players and 1 feeder.
  • Can add more pairs sharing catches if you have more numbers.
  • Coach/feeder will use the ramp to send 4 consecutive catches to a player opposite.
  • Inbetween that, players will pair up and swap catches whilst the coach is sending the 4 catches.
  • Players rotate once the 4 catches have been taken.

Coaching points

  • Players should be on the balls of their feet, with knees slightly bent.
  • Weight should be slightly forward ready to react in the direction of the catch.
  • Hands should be together, pointing towards the floor and ready to receive the catch.


  • Add another ball in for each catching pair to swap catches with.
  • Catching pairs can swap catches diagonally.

Drill tags: catch, slip catches, low catching, reactions, reflex

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