Cricket Drill Demonstration

Coaching points

  • Lean towards the ball with head and shoulder forward of the body.
  • Good step forward towards the pitch of the ball, head directly above the front foot.
  • Backlift remains raised (hands up high behind back hip pocket)
  • Weight on bent leg
  • Back leg straight with heel raised and inside of toe touching the floor, thus ensuring sideways body position.
  • Diamond shape maintained by arms throughout the shot.
  • Bat swings through the line of the ball.
  • Toe of the bat follows direction in which the ball has been hit.
  • Leading elbow high, close to head.
  • Bottom hand, fingers and thumb grip (to allow flow of arms and bat through the line of the ball.
  • High hands above eye level after the ball has been struck, forearms in line with the bat.

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