2 Goal Finishing

category: Shooting

Set up a second goal as shown in the diagram.

Player 1 starts standing behind a mannequin, positioned outside of the penalty box left hand co...

4 V 2

category: Possession

Play 4 v 2 keep-away. Attackers are stationed in the corners of the grid. One ball per group. Repeat in another area for a total of 12 players.


Crazy Dribble Relay

category: Dribbling

Four groups are placed at four corners of the square.

The two groups to one side of the square dribble the ball around the square in a clock...

Leave The Ball Behind

category: Dribbling

Set up a square roughly 10m x 10m.

Have a few players at each corner.

In 2 of the corners (diagonal) a player starts with a ball. They ...


High Dives and Top Hand Saves

Improve the goalkeepers ability to deal with high in-swinging shots into the top corners and ensure the correct technique is being used.

Make your Corners Count!

Set pieces need to be made the most of in a match. This plan will make those corners count, and improve the communication between your players


Community Drills

Messi Shooting Drill

Player checks off coneReceives pass then dribbles through conesShootsReceive with back footDribble at speedClose ouchesAim for corners

Shooting Drill 11th Sept 2014

1. Control ball in small area and get shot off at goal2. Passes come in from right and left3. Striker to decide what part of foot or body to use to sh...