Football Drill Demonstration


Set up a square roughly 10m x 10m.

Have a few players at each corner.

A Player (1) from one corner runs clockwise around the square with a ball; halfway to the next corner they pass to the Player (2) at this corner. Player 2 passes immediately back to the Player 1 and starts running clockwise to the next corner.

Player 1 passes the ball on to the Player (3) at the corner in front of Player 2. Player 3 then passes to Player 2 and starts running.

Player 2 passes to Player 4, who passes to Player 3 who is running towards them.


Play moves clockwise, allowing each player to have a few turns.

Then play anti-clockwise.

Coaching points

  • Control the ball with the backfoot (right foot when anticlockwise, left when clockwise)
  • Body opened up 
  • Can have 2 touches
  • Leave it playable, nice and soft (from corner player to player in middle) to make it playable to next corner.
  • Don't want middle player getting really close before receiving the ball.
  • Communication is key- shout for the ball
  • As this is a bit complicated, start with 1 ball and add another when the players are confident with how it works.

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