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Position 5 Attackers as shown in the diagram, with Player 4 being marked by a Defender.

Pass 1 > 3 > 2 > 4 > 5, with 5 running round from behind 4 to collect the pass.

As ball is travelling from 3 to 4 then 5 makes the run. It is key that he doesn't go too early. 

Set this up on the left and the right, You can play both sides, with Player 1 passing alternately to the left and then right. 

Form a line of players ready on the centre circle ready to make it a continuous drill.

Each Player moves to the starting position of the Player they just passed to, except 5 who becomes the Defender and the Defender who joins the line of 1s.

Coaching points

  • Weight of pass important- leave the ball playable
  • Player 3 passes the ball to the side of 4 furthest from the Defender, therefore even if the Defender is tight to 4 then 4 can use their body to shield the ball.
  • Player 4 should do a short run away from Defender to receive the ball. Timing of this is important, should do it as the ball comes to 3 from 2. If they go too early then the Defender can run in to intercept, however the Defender won't be able to get tight to 4 if they go at the right time.


Utilise the dummy!

Allow Player 5 to dictate which direction they perform the looping run.

If they run left, then Player 4 performs the standard wall pass

If they run right, then Player 4 will dummy the ball and let it run straight onto Player 5. 

Emphasise the importance of a connection between Players 4 and 5 so they perform the right skill.

Player 4 should sell the dummy by calling a name, or looking in the opposite direction to the oncoming player

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