Soccer Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Make two teams of 6. The coach is the pitcher. He stands in a 5 x 5 yard area 10 yards from the wickets (5 cones in a row). Position one cone 10 ya...

Super Bowl

category: Conditioned-games

Football Super Bowl Conditioned games Set out end zones 5 yards wide from each end line. Play 6 v 6. 1 ball per ... Soccer Cricket Drill Thumbnail Vi...


category: Conditioned-games

Football Pinball Conditioned games Team stay in own half, except for 2 players from each team who are put in the other section ... Soccer Cricket Dri...

Three Goal Game

category: Conditioned-games

Football Three Goal Game Conditioned games Set up two teams, with 5 on field (3-2 formation) playing against the 4 on field ... Soccer Cricket Drill ...


Community Drills

continuous cricket

two batters - no teams and continous game if cricket. hit and run one hand one bounce etc 2 wickets2 bats1 ball


Setting Up1 ‘batsman’1 ‘bowler’Rest of the students fielding, 1 x wicket keeper to collect ball if it rolls awaySet up batsman & bowler (similar t...

Boundary Run Fitness

- Using Cricket boundary as a marker, players complete interval training laps.- 30 seconds walk- 30 seconds really light jog- 3- to 60 second full eff...