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How to bring players out of their shell?

Heya guys, I am a new coach, for my local town, we are a new side, in a really tough league, the other managers of the teams, think it is silly, we have made a team for that league, I was told on a match day, that we would not even win one game, or even get a point all year, because the teams are so strong, we have 4 points on the boared at the mo, and are slowly getting there, I was Just wondering, how to bring players out of there shell, and try to increase goal percent -). Josh

Hi Josh. Not sure what age group you are in? presume over 10's ( think under that most areas dont have leasgue system because of pressure to win which takes away the fun element)

Be POSITIVE with players, encouragement all the way !! if you are gettin beat tell your players to keep their hesads up and thast they are playin well ( even if they are not).

Think the other managers are scared of your NEW team because they dont want to get beat by you!!!! 

Good Luck and always keep your chin up and tell your players they will win!!!!!!


Morning Josh.

I’ve been running a girls team for 3 years and when we started out at U9s Me and the team was in the same situation. My advice to you would be to first get the team to enjoy training sessions and make them enjoyable (don’t just let them play football). Don’t move on to another session until the team understand the meaning on it and the benefits it brings to the game. DONT listen to them coaches......... football at a young age should be first enjoyable, fun then followed by development. Get the parents on side to ONLY encourage and phrase the kids. Talk to the TEAM and explained yous are not the best team in the league but not the worst, let them know it takes time to pick the game up. Half time chats were vital in my first season as we were always 5-0 down.

Good luck for the future Josh for you and the team.


Hello Josh

firstly i think its a little disrespectful of the other managers to say what they said and im assuming that they have only come to this conclussion because they are a little worried that you may well achieve far more than they would want, no one is gonna wanna loose to the team no wants there are they so well done for what you have done so far, this is what should be encouraging your players the fact that you have 4 points already is excellent with a new team, your players will come out of there shell if you encourage them to play for each other, a good relationship between players is essential at all ages so if they become freinds of the field they will be best friends on the field and that means they will work hard for each other collectivley as a group and the benefits will be clear to see, a good team bonding exercise is always good, it can be competative or just a good day out together but im sure this will bring them out there shell, anyway josh keep up the good work and good luck.

At U-9 just give them a football and tell them to love it like their mummy x 6 months; get them together at least once a week x 1 hour MAX then see what they can do. NO COACHING SKILLS - NO BORING TALKING and NO SHOUTING. These are little boys [ i'm a dad & grandad of 1 big boy & 2 little ones [1 who knows everything about everything ]!

Let them see IF they want to stay and AFTER 6 months have a few little lessons and only play 5-a-side. does it work; si-si? Ask Barca-Ajax and Brazilian coaches.

Tony Langham - Resident England x 6 months & India x months

Chairman-Kovalam F.C


First, having accepted to Join the league is encouragement enough to you and the players. You knew you could manage and thats why you joined. So the whole team should grow up

Secondly, you should keep your head down and work towards your targets. Listen to no one unless it is positive feedback. The focus should be player development and fun. What I know about footbal is that it takes time to perfect skills and gain the experience required. When I started playing football in the elite league in Uganda, I could hardly get within 1 meter to the opponent players that were already in the league but I never quit. Over time, I was a player to beat before we could concede, since I was a defender.

So, the sky is the limit for you. Work harder.



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