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what is the best to train for goalkeeper..a boy is?

what is the best to train for goalkeeper..a boy is 5 yr old and he want be a goalkeeper when he grow

Archived User Coach

where on the field can I play a slow player

where on the field can I play a slow player

Archived User Coach

English Football Training Terminiology

I'm teaching English football terminology to a Chinese boy who plays football profesionally in China but who will soon move to Europe. Does anyone have any suggestions about what words would be important to teach him on the training side, so he can understand his new coach? I've got the general football lingo covered it's just the more specialist training words I need. Thanks all, Jo.

Archived User Coach

What is the best pre-game warm up routine for U9 boys?

What is the best warm up routine for U9 boys before a game? Thanks Coach Heath

Archived User Coach

How do you deal with an untrainable keeper and parent

I coach a U14 Boys team with a majority of them returning from the past couple seasons. My main loss from this past season was my keeper. I have a kid that has played keeper before, so I was told, but he is letting too many soft goals go by and costing us games. When I try to work with him, he just gives me a blank stare. I tell him to catch the ball but he continues to knock it down and then try to catch it which lets the other team score. I have told him to do some drills at home to help him but he tells me that he has not done them and does not want to. When I replace him, or try to, his mother throws a fit and gives me attitude. How do I handle this situation? I have been coaching for seasons and I have never had this happen before.

Archived User Coach

Tips for diving on my weak side and improving goal kicks?

Hello, my name is Wisdom and I'm goalkeeper for two teams. I was wondering if anyone knew any drills or tips that would help me gradually become better on diving on my weaker side. There will rare times where I do save shots on my weaker side but there are also times where I don't save those shots.I was also wondering if there any tips or drills that can help my goal kicks from the ground. I can get there right spot but I'm not generating enough power in it.Many thanksWisdom, Goalkeeper

Wisdom Kimbangi Coach, England

Goalkeeper tips for dealing with crosses?

goalkeeper defend against crosses in 9v9 in half ground

zakeer hussain Coach, India

9 a side formations and teaching offside

I run an under 11's team and wondered what formation is best for 9v9. Also any good drills for both attacking and defending regards to off sides

Archived User Coach

Reaction speed drills for goalkeepers?

Hello, Wisdom again. I was just wondering if there are any drills that can increase reaction time and speed. I am a goalkeeper and I know there's the simple turn the back to the player then the goalkeeper turns on the command of 'Go' but I was wondering if there any more complex drills to increase reaction speed. Many thanksWisdom Kimbangi, Goalkeeper

Wisdom Kimbangi Coach, England

soccer field positions

Where can I get a plan of soccer field position and names. I am a new coach to soccer.

Archived User Coach

Football Trial Preparation

Hello, my name is Wisdom Kimbangi and I am a goalkeeper. Until next year summer, I have a lot of preparation to do because I have some football next year summer. I was just wondering if you could help me.Could anyone give me the best goalkeeper drills to work on throughout the year so that I can improve?Could I also have some fitness and muscle exercises that I could do without the use of the gym?And is it possible if I could have a diet plan that goalkeepers should follow and/or a diet plan that can help reduce my weight?Many thanks, will be waiting for your reply!From Wisdom,Goalkeepr

Wisdom Kimbangi Coach, England

drills for corners please

hi corner drills please for u10s

Mathew Coach, England

Beating a high press from a goal kick 9 aside football

Could anybody provide me with any drills to beat a high press from the opposition when we are taking a goal kick, during a under 11 9 aside game. The team is a developing side with very mixed abilities. Our goalies cannot kick the ball far which leads us to lose possession around the 18 yard box.Any ideas would be much appreciated?

r webster Coach, England

How can I work on my weak side diving?

I'm a goalkeeper and I played my first game of the season and it went fairly well but I conceded a goal on my weak side and realized how much I really need to work on it so does anyone have any suggestions?

Rafael Garcia Coach, United States of America

Defending again fast breaks

I've got a team of young women (12-13 year old) several of whom only played last season for the first time.Our first season last year was pretty good given they're young inexperienced and we rarely had subs. One area that always gets us is fast strikers getting in and behind our defense from quite a way up the field–75% of our goals are conceded that way.So any thoughts on training the team to not allow so many of these goals? TIA!

John Allsopp Coach, Australia

Offsides 9v9

My team have conceded 18 goals in 3 games and they have all been the same kind of goals. We always try and get the back 3 upto the halfway line when attacking which mean naturally my midfielders are further up the pitch. Here lies the problem, when we lose possession we are simply not quick enough at getting back, a long ball over the top or some quick play we seem to be overloaded and concede quickly, iv tried getting my goalkeeper starting position improved to cut out the long ball but he's not confident doing that. Should I abandon the need to get to the halfway line as quick as possible and maybe drop 15 yards leaving less space behind. In possession we are a good team but out of possession we have become easy to score against. I as a coach need to be more vocal during games and possibly do a bit more in-game coaching as iv always believed it's best to give instruction and challenges before games and at half time. Any advice would be appreciated

Rob Little Coach, England
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