Football Drill Demonstration



  • Set up evenly spaced line of cones in front of a goal with two hurdles (or set out hurdles with more cones) either end of the line of cones.
  • Server out in front.
  • GK jumps over the hurdle side on and back to the goal. Goalkeeper performs footwork through the cones.
  • As soon as the GK gets to the middle cone (make this cone a different colour to the others for ease) Server plays a ball for the GK to save.
  • Start with server playing the ball into the hands
  • Swap sides entering the line from.

Coaching points

  • Hand position, elbows bent and away from the body, palms facing each other
  • Keep arms still going through the cones
  • Keep head still and up looking at the server
  • Fast footwork


  • Two feet jumping between cones
  • Hopping one leg
  • In and out slalom

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