Football Drill Demonstration



  • Goalkeeper comes in from side goes to furthest near post receives a shot or throw into hands, returns ball to server and moves backward.
  • Goalkeeper then works through cones set up in front of the goal with fast footwork and receives a shot from the front of the goal into hands and returns to Server 2.
  • Goalkeeper then moves to the far Server around a cone placed between Server 3 and the goal, and receives a shot down low into dive.

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to stay as tall as possible with eyes up.
  • Goalkeeper to always be ready for the shot even if it comes early from the servers.
  • Server to give the GK time to get into position eg S1 when the GK is level with the near post. S2 when the GK has got to the cones at the front and serve 3 when they are around the cone.


  • Vary service types from each point  eg Server 1 plays a low ball for GK to block at near post. Server 2 gets GK into dive and Server 3 into hands.
  • Make each GK run through the drill twice in a row. 

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