Goalkeeping Shot Stopping From the Angle

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What is the session about?

The session works on the goalkeeper?s positioning for shots from the angle and from wide areas.

How will this benefit a coach and their players?

The session will benefit the coach as it will allow them to check the positional awareness of the goalkeeper. The repetition of the drills will allow the goalkeeper to build a solid knowledge of their goal geography and also how to get back into line with the ball after the ball is played to a different attacker. The GK?s that are not working in the goal are also working on their ball striking.

What key skills will be worked on in this session?

The session works on dealing with shots across the body and where to parry if the shot cannot be held. It also works on how to get up and recover after an initial save and deal with any follow up from the rebounds.

Is there a specific age group for this session to be aimed at? If so, what age group and why?

The drills can be adapted for use with any age and ability of goalkeepers. Varying the serving distance and variety of serves. When working with older goalkeepers more repetitions can be made.

Can you name an exercise which is particularly key to this session?

The third drill is a good one as it is more game realistic, but it is important that the goalkeeper does not anticipate where the ball is going to be played from. So as a progression it may be an idea to have multiple service points and two servers where the ball can be played down either side so the goalkeeper has less time to get into position.

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