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Goalkeeper Footwork Drills

The best keepers in the world use their feet to make saves and to always be in the right position. Their agility and bounce comes from the timing and accuracy of their footwork. Work your keepers with this session.

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  • Set up 1 hurdle with 2 cones either side to indicate where the step is to be taken, then a wider cone to indicate the goal
  • Goalkeeper jumps over the hurdle and into set position
  • Takes one small step with nearest foot then goes into dive

Coaching points

  • Does the goalkeeper land in a good set position initially?
  • Goalkeeper must take that extra step
  • Work on isolating the technique. If the ball is very wide observe where the goalkeeper leaves their feet and do they push off


  • Vary the service and also make the goal bigger so the goalkeeper has to get the extra step into dive
  • Once technique looks good start making the service random eg to either side
  • Put the drill into a full sized goal

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