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Goalkeeper 1v1's Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper 1v1's

Develop your keepers mindset to stay on their feet for as long as possible and to stay big in 1v1?s and make the attacker make a decision.

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  • Two goals and two goalkeepers working.
  • Get the attackers into groups of three at each end behind the goal.
  • The GK starts with the ball and plays it out to the attackers at the opposite end.
  • The two or three attackers then advance at pace at the goalkeeper who threw the ball.
  • 3 touches as a team to score.
  • Then the opposite goalkeeper starts the drill and a wave of players come in from behind the opposite goal.

Coaching points

  • To avoid attackers being too greedy, every team must take it in turns for the final player to have an attempt on goal- So each group of attackers should have 3 attempts to score before rotating the goalkeepers
  • If working with varied age groups, pair each team with an older and younger player and always have an older and younger player in goal- So the attacker running though is a similar age


  • Introduce two defenders who can only go into opposition half to create the space behind.  
  • Players can decide to play ball through or have a long range shot.

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