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Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes

Goalkeepers reactions need to be sharp when shots are coming from in close. Work on your keepers ability to get something behind the ball even when they might not know much about it

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  • Goalkeeper starts on the near post after every service.
  • A ball is played from server 1 for server 2 to do a side foot volley.
  • Server 1 should have a good supply of balls to keep server 2 supplied with volleys.


  • Allow the goalkeeper time to recover to the feet.
  • If the server is struggling to play side foot volley then S2 can serve from a volley out of the hands

Coaching points

  • Goalkeeper to turn in and get good hand position to deal with high or low service.
  • Make sure the goalkeeper does not turn away but uses the hands to protect themselves as well as make the save or catch


Increase the power and do not serve directly into hands so the goalkeeper may now have to tip the ball over or around the post interspersed with catches.

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