Goalkeeper Fast Hands and reflexes

What is the session about?

The session is works on the goalkeeper?s hand position and choice of hand shape either M grip or W grip. It is also designed to improve the goalkeeper?s reflexes.

How will this benefit a coach and their players?

The session will benefit the coach as it will allow them to check the hand position of the goalkeepers and also the goalkeepers will improve their reflexes.

What key skills will be worked on in this session?

The session works on the fundamental hand position from the set position and the correct technique to optimise the goalkeepers catching ability.

Is there a specific age group for this session to be aimed at? If so, what age group and why?

The drills can be adapted for use with any age and ability of goalkeepers. Younger goalkeepers may struggle with the coordination of some of the serves. Also the turn in from the post the coach can do the volley serve or if GK?s are serving they can serve directly out of their hands.

Can you name an exercise which is particularly key to this session?

The turn in from the post is a good one to check the set and hand position. When working in the full goal round the screening player the coach can check how the goalkeeper gets into set position and the hand position of their goalkeepers whilst moving.

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