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Blocking with Feet

Goalkeepers must be just as good with saving balls with their feet than their hands. Develop modern goalkeepers who are agile enough to use all parts of their body to keep it out.

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  • Pair goalkeepers up with server
  • GK on knees, Server plays ball out to side of GK
  • GK sticks leg out to block with feet


  • Arms in standard set position to start then spread as the shot is about to be taken
  • Weight and head forward and try and stay upright rather than leaning to one side
  • Leg nearest the ball unfolds and stretches to make save
  • Try and get leg as low as possible the hamstring as close to the playing surface

Coaching points

  • Make sure the goalkeeper is looking at the ball
  • Goalkeepers need to be aware that if they are looking at the ball they can use their hands to protect the face from ball or player coming in
  • Is the goalkeeper as 'long' as they can possibly get
  • The leg should be at 180' from opposite hand and not trailing or in front of body


  • Change angle of approach
  • Goalkeeper to jump out of kneeling position before making the save.

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