Goalkeeper Low Dives Close to the Body

What is the session about?

The session is to work on low dives in and around the body. Starting with basic technique to isolate the movement then working on more complex drills with the key theme of shots around the body.

How will this benefit a coach and their players?

Introduces goalkeepers to low dives around the body it also gets players and coaches to think about the key points when saving shots close to the body. A lot of videos will show elite goalkeepers making top hand saves. However this session addresses the basic techniques associated with this fundamental goalkeeping skill.

What key skills will be worked on in this session?

The session works on key skills and techniques, such as movement prior to the dive. The step technique and leading with the nearest hands. It also talks about how the goalkeeper may need to adjust the hand position to deal with shots close to the body

Is there a specific age group for this session to be aimed at? If so, what age group and why?

This session would work with any under 16 goalkeepers right from beginners. With beginners you may wish to use the first few drills and develop into the other session later on. Younger players may struggle with the service eg Volleys, so throw or roll to begin with. Some of the drills may also work with more elite goalkeepers to consolidate technique or fault fix.

Can you name an exercise which is particularly key to this session

The Catch, Roll, Dive drill is works really well to isolate the diving close to the body. Not using the goal means that servers are more likely to use the des

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