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Tips for diving on my weak side and improving goal kicks?

Hello, my name is Wisdom and I'm goalkeeper for two teams. I was wondering if anyone knew any drills or tips that would help me gradually become better on diving on my weaker side. There will rare times where I do save shots on my weaker side but there are also times where I don't save those shots.I was also wondering if there any tips or drills that can help my goal kicks from the ground. I can get there right spot but I'm not generating enough power in it.Many thanksWisdom, Goalkeeper

Hi, Im a goalkeeper also; for improving your diving on your weaker side, is just to make sure youve got the right technique and go through someone throwing the ball gently to that side, so its almost slow motion and gradually increase the speed of the serve and start to vary the height also.

For the goalkicks, if youve got the right technique thats good, but if you cant get the power, i would improve the strength in my legs. This can be done in various ways from resistance bands to cycling. Also its mainly just about practise, its the only way to improve.

Hi Dan, thank you for your reply and I have started to work on my goal kicks and putting in the work for my leg strength. When I start training again for my team or even with a person helping me, I can start with the diving drills. Another piece of information I need; do you know drills to improve penalties (saving them) and a particular diet that a GOALKEEPER should follow? Many thanks, Wisdom.

Hi Wisdom, for penalties you need to practice -

  • Read the players' eyes and their body shape (which way are they leaning?)
  • Look as big as you can between the posts
  • If you know who you are playing against try to think what they did last time you played with them
  • Don't mve before the kick is taken (this will give the game away) and trust your instincts

For diving the practice below might help you - just find a friend who can help you to test your diving reactions.

Hope this helps

Reactions Test

Video / Animation
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Can be used with one or more keepers simultaneously. Place a ball on either side of your keepers, within diving reach.

Your keepers should be stood in the middle of these two balls on their cones.

When the coach / player gives the signal (stretching a hand out to the left or the right) your keepers should react as quickly as possible and dive to catch the ball on that side.

Coaching Points:

While your players are waiting for the signal they should be jogging on the spot, moving their hands from knee to shoulder height.

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