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Goalkeeper Footwork Drills

The best keepers in the world use their feet to make saves and to always be in the right position. Their agility and bounce comes from the timing and accuracy of their footwork. Work your keepers with this session.

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  • Goalkeeper starts behind the hurdle
  • Jumps into set position and performs footwork between the the cones
  • Into save at the end


  • To avoid queues when working with bigger groups of goalkeepers reduce the number of cones to do the footwork through.
  • Also have a group working in front and behind simultaneously

Coaching points

  • Look up at all times.
  • Drive off into the dive.
  • Is the goalkeeper now making a step if they have to?


  • Vary the service- Higher or with more pace on the the shots.
  • Add an extra block from the side.

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