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Section off four 5 x 5 yard squares in the corners of your 20 x 20 yard area. Station 3 players without a ball in each corner area.

Before the game starts, the coach can tell the players the story of frogger, who jumps from lily pad to lily pad visiting his friends. He must return home before dark or else his mother will give him a good tongue lashing. Once the game begins, the coach shouts out, "Frogger!" Players must run from their corner area to the next sequential corner area as shown in the diagram. Continue the activity until players return to the area where they started.

Coaching points

Have the players moving about their own lily pad without bumping into each other.


1. All run across holding hands.
2. 1 ball between 3 players.
3. 2 balls between 3 players.
4. 1 ball per player.

Drill tags: fun, warm up

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