Football Drill Demonstration


The coach calls out any of the four directions: Coke, 7 Up, Sprite or Pepsi.

The players must dribble their ball in the direction that the coach has called.

The coach can introduce other commands such as milkshake - kids do a forward roll, Sparkling water - All players link arms around the coach, Orange juice - all players hop on one leg.

Coaching points

To start with run through without a ball first so that players can learn the directions. Once players are ready use a football.

If your players are more confident when dribbling you can turn this drill into a game, the last player to dribble to the line is out. The last man standing is the winner.

When changing direction by 180* make sure players use the sole of their foot to stop the ball and roll it behind them.


Restrict the feet that players use to dribble. For example, players can only dribble using their left foot, right foot and then both feet.

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Drill tags: fun, warm up

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