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Where to start training my two U12 groups?

I am coaching two U12 boys groups. They have minimal training in the past, I have worked on dribbling and passing. Just starting 1 v 1s. I am training now in a gym, was wondering if any one had any drills that would work with approx. 15 kids?

u can get them into playing small sided games right away.  its never too early to start instilling the fundamentals of possession play. here's a drill i run 4 phases.  its a little unconventional but here in the states where kids are less familiar with soccer (little to no training) it really works.

phase #1) 3-5 mins.

split the group into 2 teams.  1 ball.  the player with the ball can run and carry the ball w/their HANDS yes HANDS, BUT has to throw it to a teammate after 3 seconds.  you count down the seconds out loud.  the other team defends, trying to steal possessions.  A possession longer than 3 seconds by a player is a turn over. Note: this part can get a little choatic w/silly behavior but try to keep things under control, keep them focused and stress that this is a constructive drill to be taken seriousiously.

phase #2) 3-5.

same drill but no hands: soccer rules.  now the kids have 3 seconds to release the ball.  they automatically start looking up and looking to let the ball do the work, w/o much prompting from u.

phase #3) first team to string together 10 consecutive passes wins.    this encourages player and ball movemont.  play as many rounds as u like.

phase #4) add goals and  play a conventional game. 


if kids are already fairly ready to let the ball move, u can skip phase #1.  phase #1 is important if the majority of kids' first instinct is to run into traffic w/the ball cause they're unsure of what to do.

note: the kids will find these drills really fun and competitive, not serious.  after re-reading this my "serious" comment sounded a bit heavy.  but i think u get what i mean :)

You can do simple passing drills.split into 2 groups.10metre x 10 metre square.1 player on corners 2,3,4 and other players on corner 1.Start at corner 1 player pass to corner 2 and follow pass,2-3,3-4 and so on.All players pass and move around square.Square can be made larger for longer passing.Concentrate on control and side foot passing.Enjoyable drill

sorry for the late response. i have tred all your suggestions and they were fantastic. thanks again for your help and support.


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