The Art of Spin: Improve your Spin Bowling

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This week's session focuses on your players spin bowling, getting them to turn the ball effectively, improving the overall flight and length of their bowling.

All young spinners should be taught to hit a good line and length first, and then encouraged to spin the ball as much as possible. Deceive the batter into playing the wrong shot, and get your opponent out!

To give your players an idea of what sort of line they should be bowling, we set up mini-gates for your players to bowl through - aiming to put enough spin to get the ball to deviate back towards the wicket.

Keep the Batsman Guessing

It's also important for your bowlers to not become predictable and a spinners ultimate aim is to deceive the batter with variations in speed, flight and spin off the pitch.

As your players progress they will learn to do this by putting as much spin on the ball as possible, making the ball drift and loop so when it lands it deviates and bounces, making it difficult for the opposition's batsman to hit.

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