Bowling at the Death: Under-Pressure Skills Session

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You want to contain the opposition's batsmen at the end of an innings, but what's the best way to do this, especially when teams are looking to attack in the final few overs?

To break the batter's momentum you want to teach your player to make the right decisions, bowling the right kind of ball and setting your field accordingly. That's why in this session we work on bowling accuracy and working in pressure situations!

What's in the session?

Starting with a catching and dynamic stretching warm up we then get your players to focus on their bowling line and length, before then working on game plans to force batters to hit the ball where you want them to hit it!

Whatever option your bowlers go for, it is so important that they have practised it enough times in training to have the confidence to execute it successfully in a game situation - so try this session with your players today and improve their bowling performance under pressure!

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