Cricket Drill Demonstration


Set up as shown: two sets of stumps with a wicket keeper with a ball behind each. Two lines of players.

  1. The WK facing the two lines starts by throwing the ball out for player 1 to run out and catch
  2. Player 1 catches the ball and throws the ball over the stumps for the WK to catch.
  3. The second WK (player 4) now rolls the ball out for the fielder to run onto, gather and then throw at the stumps.
  4. Player 4 collects the ball and leaves it behind the stumps for the fielder.
  5. Players then rotate, with players 4 joining the back of the opposite line and player 1 taking up the role of second WK.

Drill should be continuous.

Coaching points

To ensure all players have equal time in all areas of this practice the coach can be the WK, with players taking up all other positions.

Look for players to attack the ball at pace and be accurate in their throwing (to a team-mate and add the stumps).

You can set this up as a team competition between the two lines of players - awarding points for a successfully hitting the stumps.

Drill tags: catching, fielding, throwing

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