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How to dig in volleyball

Digging is a fundamental skill in volleyball. It's a common form of defense and sets up a lot of the offense. This video from About.com will teach you...

Top 10 best volleyball digs

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Dig set hit volleyball drill

Terry Liskevych goes over the Dig-Set-Hit at The Art of Coaching Volleyball Portland Clinic. This drill is a team ball control drill. More info: ...



Learning zones session

Give your players the knowledge and understanding of the roles and skills required for each of the zones of the volleyball court.

Community Drills

Hit and Dig

Attackers hit down ball at defender, one at a time. Defender attempts to pass back to F (target).F catches ball and feeds back to attackers.

Drill Two - Passing left and right

Can be done in groups of 3 or 4.One person serves ball (S) to Passer (P) who volleys or digs to catcher (C). Alternate between left and right catcher...

Serve-Recieve 1

2 minutes per hitter~1 minute with each setter (when setters switch out they automatically go to front of serving line to make sure they sub in)&...