Knee Serve (Single Knee)

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Knee Serve (single knee) Serve and Return Player kneels down, putting one knee on the floor. Player serves from this position. accuracy, knee,...

Doubles Returning

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Doubles returning Serve and Return -Players are positioned in a doubles formation as seen in the picture. -The server will serve first and sec...

3 Progressive Returns

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis 3 progressive returns Serve and Return The coach stands on the service line (ad side), and the player starts from the baseline. The coach serv...

Serve And Volley

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Serve and Volley Serve and Return Player 1 serves a 1st Serve and follows it in to hit a volley. If returner is finding it hard then serve a 2...

Return Cross Court

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Return Cross Court Serve and Return Coach serves from the service line and the player returns the ball cross court.

React After The Serve

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis React After The Serve Serve and Return The player stands on the baseline and serves the ball against the wall. After serving, the player must ...

Basic Pattern For Everyone

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Basic pattern for everyone Serve and Return Player serves wide from the deuce side. Coach throws a ball to the deuce side. Player hits deep fo...

Answer The Serve

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Answer the serve Serve and Return Coach serves from the deuce side. The player then hits a cross-court forehand return. beginner, cross-court,...

Serve And Jump Over The Cone

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Serve and jump over the cone Serve and Return A cone is placed on the baseline. The player performs regular serve, where the goal is for them ...

Ad Serve + Half Volley Deep

category: Volley-Drills

Cones are set in the deep corner (ad side). The player serves from the ad side and moves to the net, and the coach feeds the ball to the ad side. T...

Web Videos


Approach and Win at the Net

Keep your opponents guessing by mixing up when you approach the net. Use this session to teach your players about the tactical opportunities available...


Improve Your Groundstrokes

Build your power, hone in your accuracy and develop into the best grinder in the game with flawless groundstrokes.


Respond and Return

Break your opponent's serve more often by learning how to respond and where to position your return!



Community Drills

Autosave 69914007

Feeder serves hard flat ball into service box and student A returns it. After five or six successful returns change sides.Try to have the student shor...

Connect Four Serve

This serving drill is designed to help with ball placement on the first and second serve. Each server gets two tries (8 serves) to get all four spots....

Activity 3

Beat the Champ With 3 players play singles With 3 or more play 2 cross court rallies Second serves again are a drop bounce and hit If the server wins ...

Activity 2

Beat the Champ1. With 3 playersplay singles2. With 3 or moreplay 2 crosscourt rallies3. Second servesagain are a dropbounce and hit4. If the serverwin...