Serving wide to create the one two punch: Advantage court

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The aim of this week's session is to develop a knock-out punch as we work on your players' ability to hit the wide serve from the advantage court, with both the flat and kick serve, (or if you're left-handed, in the deuce court), creating space for them to hit into off their first shot after the serve.

The one two punch is an effective simple pattern used time and time again and a useful tool for players to have as a standard play.

Tennis Player - ServeWe start this session with some serving from the basket, giving your players the chance to work on their big flat and kick serves while focusing on their wrist action and racket-head speed. We then progress into structured rallies from the advantage court, trying to create the angle to get your opponent off the court before finishing with a live game which works on your players' one-two punching!

After using this session you would expect to see your players being more aggressive off the first ball after the serve, making clear decisions with the direction in which they are hitting and being able to dominate the point right from the start!

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