Five Alive

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Five Alive Coordination / Fun Games Separate the whole group into teams of around 5-6. Each team nominates a player to feed first. When ready t...

1 Minute Rally And Swap.

category: Rally-Drills

Players work in groups of 3.

Players 1 and 2 rally for 1 minute after which player 2 steps aside and allows player 3 to tale their place.

Cone Serving

category: Serve-and-Return

Players serve at the targets shown, taking two balls at a time and serving 1 first serve, 1 second serve at each target.

After a certain amou...

Hit Deep

category: Forehand-Drills

Split the players into 2 equal groups, Both hitting forehands.

Coach feeds left then right.

Players have to move out to the ball and ...

Web Videos

Ultimate cardio tennis

Not your typical Cardio Tennis I know. You can call it “Wanna Work Out” if you'd like. Hit tons of tennis balls and sweat. Add a shadow swing tennis d...


Cardio Tennis Fun

Improve your player's tennis skills in a friendly and fun environment while being active and burning a lot of calories!



Community Drills

Space Invaders with Volleyer

The players are divided into two equal groups. All the members of each groups stands on the baseline from one doubles alley to the other alley. The fe...

Volleyingvolley practise

in the same groups as the warm up each group should have three tennis rackets and three tennis balls. They should set themselves up like the demonstra...

Egg & Spoontennis warm up drill

Ask the group to get into small groups of four. Each group should have one ball and racket between them. The groups should stand single file one behin...

Catch after 1 bounce for 1 point

Divide groups up into pairs along sidelines. Each pair has 1 ball which they must throw under arm to their partner. If their partner catches the ball ...