3 Different Spots For Approach + Volley

category: Forehand-Drills

The coach feeds 2 balls to the deuce side. The player hits forehand approach and forehand volley to the ad side, then repeats the same pattern from...

Approach And Close

category: Attacking

The coach feeds into the service area.
-Before the coach feeds Player 1 has to nominate the corner into which they hit their approach sh...

Approach And Rally

category: Attacking

- Coach feeds the ball short.
- Player has to hit an approach shot and then play a rally.

Approach And Smash

category: Smash-Drills

-2 feeding players, with a basket in the middle.
- Feed a short ball followed by a lob.
- After the approach shot the player smashes the lob...

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Nail the Approach Shot

Work on your player's approach shots and coming to the net with this plan. Get them sprinting to the ball and hitting it out of reach down the line!


Community Drills

Forehand/Backhand handfeeding

Players starting at the back of the court. Quick sprint to cone, simple touch. 1. First ball on ad court: Slower longline topspin into target zo...

Approach on the run

Coach stands on the player's side. Coach throws low ball around the service line. Player hits backhand approach shot down the line on the run.Nowadays...

Cardio Forehand/Backhand

Two players starting simultaneously. 1st ball: Forehand baseline 50 % power (Player 1)2nd ball: Backhand baseline 50 % power (Player 2)3rd b...