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You Don't Need Power To Win!

Power isn?t everything in tennis - get to work on your player?s slice with this backspin session!

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The player stands on the baseline and the coach stands close to the net. The coach feeds drop shot to the backhand side. The player sprints forward and hits deep backhand slice down the line off drop shot.

Coaching points

More and more players practice drop shots these days so coaches have to teach how to answer this difficult shot. It is not easy to run at full pace and still control the shot so only proper amount of hours spent on this aspect will provide skills necessary to effectively win the points after drop shot. It is important that players understand why they train this scenario because when they are aware they are internally motivated to put the best effort.

In this drill, the player works on answering the drop shot. The coach should emphasise full speed while running as also to put a lot of backspin to make the ball bounce inside the baseline. From the tactical point of view players should mostly go down the line because it creates them tactical advantage on the court. Additionally, the coach has to remind players how important it is to develop athletic abilities off the court because these improvements will definitely help in situations like this.

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