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Goalkeeping Drills

Being the goalkeeper is arguably the most important position on the football pitch, being the last line of defence. Your keeper will improve their han...


Basic Goalkeeping Grip

category: Goalkeeping

Soccer Basic Goalkeeping Grip Goalkeeping *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* M grip: Fingers spread and facing down. Almost making a "V" with the hand. Thumbs ....

Side Jumps

category: Goalkeeping

Description. Jump sideways over a hurdle, while holding a ball. Touch the ball to the ground on each side. Coaching points. Good for agility, allowin...

Cobi Jones Speedstar

category: Possession

Station small goals (2 yards wide) in each corner of the area facing in towards the field of play with no goalkeepers. Play a 4 v 4 or a 6 v 6.


Cut Back In A Restricted Space

category: Goalkeeping


  • Set up 4 mini goals using cones. These do not need to be large as we are still working on movement.
  • First...


Goalkeeper Handling

The session works on the goalkeeper's hand position to promote a clean and effective catch. We also look at the position of the goalkeeper in relation...


Community Drills

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Now the players will have a 1 vs 1 against each other, with a goalkeeper in net. This will be an opposed drill meaning they will compete against each ...

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Organisation 2 goalkeepers 4 defenders 4 AttackersServer plays diagonal ball to attacker Condition 6 Seconds to score Must take ball round the goalkep...