Football Drill Demonstration



Set up:

  • Set up cones from the middle of the goal leading out into the area. 
  • Set up a mini goal (or mark out a mini goal with cones). 

Goalkeeper is played a backpass along the ground.

Goalkeepr on the first touch puts the ball across the area- touch must be through the cones into opposite half of the goal.

The GK should pass to a player on that side or pass into the mini goal

Coaching points

Player to think about body shape to receive the ball.

Tone of voice to reflect the urgency

One or two touch pass depending if under pressure from the server. 

If two touch pass, make sure the set is into the other half of the goal past the cones, then go over and support for another backpass.



After the ball is played the Server follows in to cut off the options and apply pressure.

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