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Dealing with Long Shots Session Thumbnail
Dealing with Long Shots

Goalkeeper positioning is vital when dealing with shots from long range. Develop your keepers concentration, positioning and movement to be solid behind the speculative efforts

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  • Goalkeeper advances towards the server.
  • Receives a pass into feet from the server.
  • Goalkeeper then plays a first time ball back to the server.
  • Goalkeeper to retreat back to the best position they can get into before the ball is struck for a shot at goal. 
  • Rotate goalkeepers and servers.

Coaching points

  • As the goalkeeper is out of position the danger is not the space in front but the ball over the top.
  • Goalkeeper to use fast footwork to get into set position in time to make the save. Smaller faster steps means the goalkeeper will not collapse backwards and can get into set position faster if the shot comes early.
  • On the retreat the goalkeeper should retreat away from the ball down the line.


  • Introduce a secondary shot.
  • Goalkeeper does 3 sets.

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