Football Drill Demonstration


  • Mark out a grid with cones. 2 Servers and a Goalkeeper.
  • Server 1 and Goalkeeper play passes between them.
  • Server 2 is 15yds away from the Goalkeeper area.
  • At any time Server 1 can follow the pass into the final grid toward the Goalkeeper. 
  • Goalkeeper then must deal with the pass and aim to pass the ball to Server 2 on the end line

Coaching points

  • If goalkeeper is closed down from the front get comfortable playing the ball wide into space for Server 2 to get to
  • Goalkeeper can use disguise eg fain to go long and then go short


  • Once a successful pass is made then see how many passes the Goalkeeper and Server 2 can make
  • Introduce a target at distance for Goalkeeper to hit if a short pass is not suitable

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