Drill Categories

Warm Up Drills

Warm up drills in rugby are important because they get your players' muscles ready for exercise and help to reduce the risk of injury. They're also a ...


Switch 1

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby SWITCH 1 Backs Moves See the diagram for suggested starting positions. 10 carried the ball forward, inviting the defence to press up. 10 cuts i...

Building The Switch Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Building The Switch Pass Passing Keep your player briefing short and tell your players the following.... 3 attackers line up on the first three...

Switch Drill

category: Passing

Rugby Switch Drill Passing Drill to practice inside running lines (switches) in attack. Set up a 10m x 10m square (green cones) with two attackers (b...


category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Switch Agility & Running Skills Groups of 2. 1 ball per group. Run straight then change direction at the first cone. Attack the opposite corner...

Kicking Switch

category: Passing

Rugby Kicking switch Passing 3 grids: 10x30 Number of players: (up to 14) Number of balls: start with 2 (add balls depending on age and ability of pl...

Right To Left With A Switch

category: Passing

Rugby Right to left with a switch Passing Players in pairs with a ball between them. The player on the right starts with the ball and passes the ball...

Left To Right With A Switch

category: Passing

Rugby League Left to right with a switch Passing Players in pairs with a ball between them. The player on the left starts with the ball and passes th...

Lateral - Switch

category: Passing

Rugby Lateral - Switch Passing Using cones, mark out a training area 15 meters x 10 meters. Split your players into groups of 2. Allocate 4 groups of...

Web Videos

Basic rugby drills - the switch

This Rugby Drill is designed to improve passing skills. This is the Switch Pass. The switch pass is often used to confuse the opposition and create mo...


Attacking part 1

It?s all about points scoring with this session. Encourage your players to continually offer support to develop fine techniques to attack with crisp p...

Dominating the Ruck

Create sustained attacks by understanding how to dominate the ruck by developing an understanding of positioning and technique amongst your players.


Community Drills

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Scissors.From cone to cone.Only use wrists to pop ball in air.Run straight and change direction on "switch" call from player without the bal...

9 cones

9 cones.- Pass the line- Miss pass- SwitchIf more than 18 do two fields.